We are building the world’s largest collection of Alzheimer’s stories on video. If you’re an Alzheimer’s patient or a caregiver, we hope our video library of personal stories and human wisdom, will help support your own journey.

If you’re an Alzheimer’s organization who recognizes the power of personal story, please utilize this library of videos for all of your advocacy and fundraising needs. And story is critical for Alzheimer’s research because it’s grossly underfunded. While the mission for every Alzheimer’s organization may be different, we must all embrace the power of personal, Alzheimer’s stories in order to help raise more money for the scientific community.

Every patient, caregiver, advocate, doctor, and scientist has an important story to tell. So we are collecting these stories, from around the world, and publishing them on the pages of this blog. We currently have nearly 300 videos. Our goal: publish 10,000 Alzheimer’s stories on video.

We encourage you to watch and share these Alzheimer’s videos, in an effort to raise awareness, help organizations fund research, and finally put an end to this insipid disease.

March 20, 2016

MyAlzheimers Needs Your Story

We began this journey with our award-winning documentary “Carpe Kilimanjaro: An Alzheimer’s Story”. Story bonds, strengthens, and empowers us all in this struggle. By sharing our personal Alzheimer’s story, we hope to create a collection of personal stories, from the vast number of people around the world, who have been touched by Alzheimer’s. It’s our hope that the collective narrative will help address the three main challenges, facing the Alzheimer’s community: 1. Remove the Stigma 2. Raise more money for local caregivers 3. Get more people into clinical trials  
February 4, 2016

Your Story Is All You Need to Be an Alzheimer’s Advocate

Advocacy should never be intimidating. And public policy should not be intimidating. And a lot of people say, “I don’t know anything about politics, I can’t do that. I can’t volunteer in that way.” And I would just like to encourage people that, politicians put their pants on the same way that we do. And, they are going to vote for the things their constituents tell them are important. So, we have an obligation, a duty to tell our legislators that Alzheimer’s is important. If it’s important to you, your legislator should know about it. And, as an American, if we don’t tell our legislators and our elected officials what’s important, they won’t vote on it. So, I really firmly believe that we all have a stake in this game. And that all of us can participate in some way or another, in public policy. And it’s really about your story. I said the other day, your story is all you need to be involved in Advocacy. It’s all you need. You don’t need to know about the bills, you don’t need to know about the process. All you need to do is tell your story and say we need to do something about this. Want to contact your local congressional leader? Click here.   Lindsay Brieschke is Director of Public Policy for the Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Chapters.
November 10, 2015

Carpe Kilimanjaro: An Alzheimer’s Story

In 2005 my father-in-law descended into the crater, on the summit of Kilimanjaro. My own father began descent into an even greater unknown. Each path, very different. One chosen. The other compelled by the cruel hand of Alzheimer’s. One, a beginning. The other, an end. Like my father, the snows are disappearing and the mountain is showing signs of age. And for those of us living in the shadows of the glacier and dealing with the ravages of age, we are only concerned with making the most of the time before they are both gone forever. Outwardly invincible, mountains and men fade and disappear over time. Carpe Kilimanjaro is a feature documentary and story of Zach Jordan’s literal ascension of a mountain and his metaphorical ascension to fatherhood, in the face of his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
November 8, 2015

What Is Alzheimer’s?

Sharon J. Sha, MD, MS is part of the team at the Stanford Center for Memory Disorders.

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