We couldn’t ask people to share their personal story, without first sharing our own. So we began this journey with our award-winning documentary “Carpe Kilimanjaro: An Alzheimer’s Story”. The film is the story of Zach Jordan’s literal ascension of a mountain and his metaphorical ascension to fatherhood, in the face of his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Through our own journey, we’ve met so many inspiring patients, families, caregivers, and advocates and we wanted to give them a voice. Most importantly, we wanted their collective voices to work as a powerful, fundraising tool. Our Company has spent the last 25 years creating story for some of the biggest audiences on the planet, on every platform, and every device. Now we’re putting those storytelling skills to work in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Our goal for this project: publish 10,000 Alzheimer’s stories on video. The more powerful and authentic a personal story, the more people are willing to give. We intend to create a collection of personal stories, so that every Alzheimer’s organization, regardless of their specific focus or agenda, can use the power of personal story to raise more money for research and finally put an end to Alzheimer’s.

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