Advocacy should never be intimidating. And public policy should not be intimidating. And a lot of people say, “I don’t know anything about politics, I can’t do that. I can’t volunteer in that way.” And I would just like to encourage people that, politicians put their pants on the same way that we do. And, they are going to vote for the things their constituents tell them are important. So, we have an obligation, a duty to tell our legislators that Alzheimer’s is important. If it’s important to you, your legislator should know about it. And, as an American, if we don’t tell our legislators and our elected officials what’s important, they won’t vote on it. So, I really firmly believe that we all have a stake in this game. And that all of us can participate in some way or another, in public policy. And it’s really about your story. I said the other day, your story is all you need to be involved in Advocacy. It’s all you need. You don’t need to know about the bills, you don’t need to know about the process. All you need to do is tell your story and say we need to do something about this.

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Lindsay Brieschke is Director of Public Policy for the Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Chapters.

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